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Planner's Library

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    Engineer Manuals (EMs)


  • Engineering Manual 200-1-12: Conceptual Site Models
    This Engineer Manual provides procedural guidance to develop Conceptual Site Models for sites where hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW) are known or suspected to be present. A conceptual site model is the most current description of a site and its environment, and is a critical part of a project that supports decision making for a CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act) environmental response. This guidance is provided to assist any organization or project delivery team involved in evaluation and decision-making for environmental response actions, including those conducting studies of projects involving environmental dredging of contaminated sediments.


  • Engineer Manual 5-1-11: Project Delivery Business Process
    This updated USACE Project Delivery Business Process Manual is intended to assist USACE in operating as a team-based organization functioning regionally, while focusing on the safe delivery of projects on time, within budget, as well as on meeting both Stakeholder expectations and public interests. The manual gives USACE an enhanced ability to plan work; manage time, people, and finances; determine shortfalls; and provide corrective action before a crisis develops. Universal understanding of the manual and its processes is pivotal to the success of USACE


  • Engineering Manual 1110-2-5025: Dredging and Dredged Materials Management
    This Engineer Manual provides a comprehensive summary of the dredging equipment and dredged material placement techniques used by USACE, and it describes management and design processes associated with new work and maintenance dredging related to navigation projects. The manual provides guidance on 3valuation and selection of dredging equipment for various materials to be dredged; planning, designing, constructing, operating, and managing environmentally acceptable open-water and confined dredged material placement areas for both short- and long-term placement (disposal) needs; and planning, designing, developing, and managing dredged material for beneficial uses while incorporating ecological concepts and engineering designs with environmental, economical, and social feasibility.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-6056: Standards and Procedures for Referencing Project Elevation Grades to Nationwide Vertical Datums
    This manual provides technical guidance for referencing project elevation grades to nationwide vertical datums established and maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce. It supplements ER 1110-2-8160 (Policies for Referencing Project Elevation Grades to Nationwide Vertical Datums) that requires controlling elevations and local datums on USACE projects shall be properly and accurately referenced to nationwide spatial reference systems used by other Federal, state, and local agencies responsible for flood forecasting, inundation modeling, water control, flood insurance rate maps, navigation charting, and topographic mapping.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-1-2909: Engineering and Design, Geospatial Data Systems
    This manual presents policy and guidance for the acquisition, processing, storage, distribution, and utilization of nontactical geospatial data throughout the USACE.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-1304: Civil Works Construction Cost Index System (CWCCIS)
    The purpose of this manual is to provide historical and forecasted cost indexes for use in escalating civil works project costs.
  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2702: Design of Spillway Tainter Gates
    This manual provides guidance for design, fabrication, and inspection of spillway tainter gates, trunnion girder, and trunnion girder anchorage for navigation and flood control projects. Other types of control gates, including radial lock valves (reverse tainter valves) and sluice gates, may be referred to as tainter gates but also are not included in this manual.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-503: Design of Small Water Systems
    This manual provides guidance and criteria for the design of small water supply, treatment, and distribution systems. For the purpose of this manual, small water systems shall be those having average daily design flow rates of 380,000 liters per day (100,000 gallons per day) or less.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-1420: Hydrologic Engineering Requirements for Reservoirs
    This manual provides guidance to field office personnel for hydrologic engineering investigations for planning and design of reservoir projects.
  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2701: Vertical Lift Gates
    The purpose of this manual is to provide guidance on the structural design of vertical lift gates.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-1619: Risk-Based Analysis for Flood Damage Reduction Studies
    Procedures described in this manual lead to estimation of expected benefits of proposed flood damage reduction plans using risk and uncertainty analysis.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2007: Structural Design of Concrete Lined Flood Control
    This manual provides guidance for the design of reinforced, concrete lined flood control channels which convey rapid and tranquil storm water flows to prevent flooding.
  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2602: Planning and Design of Navigation Locks
    This manual is issued for guidance of engineers and design offices within the Corps of Engineers engaged in the planning, engineering layout, analysis, and design of navigation locks for civil works navigation projects on inland waterways.
  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2607: Planning and Design of Navigation Locks
    This manual is issued for guidance of individuals and elements within the Corps of Engineers engaged in the structural planning, layout, and design of navigation dams for civil works projects. The structural design of gates is not covered in this manual.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2201: Arch Dam Design
    This manual provides information and guidance on the design, analysis, and construction of concrete arch dams.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-1206: Environmental Engineering for Small Boat Basins
    This manual provides guidance on incorporating environmental considerations into the planning, engineering, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of small boat basins.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-2502: Retaining and Flood Walls
    This manual provides guidance for the safe design and economical construction of retaining and flood walls.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-3600: Management of Water Control Systems
    This manual provides guidance to field offices for the management of water control projects or system authorized by Congress and constructed and operated by the Corps of Engineers. It also applies to certain water control projects constructed by other agencies or entities.


  • Engineer Manual 1110-2-1615: Hydraulic Design of Small Boat Harbors
    This manual provides guidance for planning, layout, and design of small boat harbor projects.