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    Find other planners, Centers of Experties, Communities, newsletters, other Federal agencies, and professional associations.

  • Planning Community of Practice
      A collection of SharePoint site links for the Planning Community of Practice and associated Sub-Communities of Practice.
  • Water Resources Certified Planner Program
      The USACE National Water Resources Certified Planner program sets a standard of excellence for the USACE water resources planners and supports the continuing development of a highly capable planning workforce. In addition, the program advances the technical capability of individual planners, strengthens the quality of USACE planning products, and recognizes USACE national planning capability.
  • Planner Database
      A hub for Corps Planners and those that work with them to: identify and find planners in each district and Planning Sub-CoP; gather Community statistics; record training and identify training needs; track ATR Certification and find ATR Certified Planners; and more.
  • Planning Centers of Expertise (PCX)
    • Coastal Storm Risk Management
    • Deep Draft Navigation
    • Small Boat Harbor Sub-PCX
    • Ecosystem Restoration
    • Flood Risk Management
    • Inland Navigation
    • Water Management and Reallocation
  • Planning Workforce Development Guide
      This document provides PCoP members guidance in holistic development based on their individual career goals and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to excel in USACE water resources planning. MAY 2023 UPDATE: The Environmental sub-CoP "Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities" (KSAs) have been added to Appendix B. The Career Roadmaps and KSAs for the remaining sub-CoPs are still under development and will be added later this year.
  • Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works
      Information about the ASA(CW) organization, including roles and responsibilities of various offices within OASA(CW).
  • Environmental Advisory Board (EAB)
      The Chief of Engineers' Environmental Advisory Board is a permanent subcommittee of the Army Science Board consisting of members who are eminent authorities in the field of natural (e.g., biological, ecological), social (e.g., anthropologist, community planner), and related sciences with diversity in thought.
  • Other Corps Expertise
      Planners draw on elements across the Army Corps of Engineers, including research and development activities at ERDC, planning support tools from IWR, and technical expertise from Centers of Expertise and other Communities of Practice across the Corps.
  • Congressional Links
      Links to relevant Congressional information pertinent to planners including Congressional committees overseeing the Civil Works Program, the Library of Congress, and government agency contact information
  • Other Federal Agencies
      Links to USACE partner federal agency websites.
  • Professional Associations
      National professional associations; this list is meant as a resource for USACE’s water resources planners and is not an endorsement


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