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Planning plays a vital role in supporting the Corps of Engineers Civil Works water resources development mission. Through planning activities, including feasibility studies, Continuing Authorities Program studies, watershed studies, comprehensive/large scale studies, general reevaluation studies, validation studies and other post-authorization change studies - and more, Corps planners help decision-makers identify water resources problems, conceive solutions to them, and compare the importance of the inevitable conflicting values inherent in any solution.

The Planning Community Toolbox includes a wealth of information for planners and project delivery teams, including the policy, guidance, processes, and tools that are used every day in planning.

Key Resources
 Black Dot Image Engineer Regulation 1105-2-100: Planning Guidance Notebook - The Planning Guidance Notebook provides the overall direction by which the Corps of Engineers civil works projects are formulated, evaluated, and selected for overall implementation. This includes all appendices that were written at a later date.
 Black Dot Image Feasibility Report Format and Content Guide (2021) - This guide provides general recommendations for the format and content of USACE feasibility reports with an integrated Environmental Assessment (EA) or Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The guide can be used a starting point for nearly all feasibility reports and is appropriate for use by entry-level to senior planners. It may also be used as a reference for policy reviewers and technical specialists. The format described in the guide is not mandatory.
 Black Dot Image Planning Workforce Development Guide (2020) - This document provides PCoP members guidance in holistic development based on their individual career goals and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to excel in USACE water resources planning. MARCH 2022 UPDATE: The Plan Formulation KSAs and Career Roadmap have been added to Appendices A and B. The Career Roadmaps and KSAs for the remaining sub-CoPs are still under development and will be added later this year.
 Black Dot Image Partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A Guide for Communities, Local Governments, States, Tribes, and Non-Governmental Organizations (2019) - Partnering with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers: A Guide for Communities, Local Governments, States, Tribes, and Non-Governmental Organizations provides potential sponsors with information on the programs and processes available for non-Federal partners and USACE representatives to work together to address the Nation’s water resources problems. The Guide includes an overview of the USACE Civil Works Program and describes how USACE can work with local, State, Tribal, and Federal agencies and other non-Federal partners on activities ranging from technical services and advice to planning and constructing water resources projects. A previous version of this document was originally published as the Project Partnership Kit by IWR back in 1996 and revised in 2001.
 Black Dot Image SMART Planning Feasibility Studies: A Guide to Coordination and Engagement with the Services (2015) - This guide was developed through a collaboration between the Corps, USFWS and NMFS. The Guide provides an overview of the SMART Planning process and demonstrates how key environmental coordination and compliance activities fit into that process. The Guide highlights opportunities for engagement and coordination at all stages of a planning study, re-emphasizing the need for early coordination.

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Policy and Guidance Updates
ball graphicHQUSACE WRDA Website
ball graphicArmy Civil Works Supporting Drought Resilience in America's Communities Memo
ball graphicVertical Team Alignment Memorandum (VTAM) Guidance
ball graphicEconomic Guidance Memorandum, 22-04, Tribal Ability to Pay

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Planning Community Webinars
ball graphicPCoP Webinar Collection
ball graphicDeveloping and Applying a Logical Aggregation Methodology in the First 90 Days of a Study
ball graphicStrategies for Successful Nonstructural Planning
ball graphicFeasibility Study Templates, Checklists & SOPs
ball graphic2022 PCoP Virtual Summer Series – Session #6 – People Strengthen Our Connections With Each Other
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Other News
ball graphicPolicy and Legal Compliance Review Manager Roles and Responsibilities
ball graphicNew Feasibility Study Templates and Checklists
ball graphicPlanning Terms and Acronyms
ball graphicSouth Atlantic Coastal Study (SACS) Coastal Program Guide
More News/What's New Postings
 Black Dot Image Columbia River Basin Environmental Compliance Coordinator, Northwestern Division (GS-14) - The Northwestern Division has an open interdisciplinary Columbia River Basin Environmental Compliance Coordinator position (GS-14). Responsibilities of the incumbent include: directing and managing the activities of an array of professionals in accomplishment of producing Decision Documents and related Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements on the Columbia River Systems; identifying workforce requirements and contracting needs to include consideration of action agency resource needs; providing input on organizational improvements that supports system environmental compliance; representing USACE as a federal agency for updates to the operation of the Columbia River System with regard to policy and any decision documents and environmental documentation; coordinating with state and federal agency partners such as Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, state fish/wildlife agencies, and Pacific Northwest Power; serving as a principal advisor to the Chief, Planning Environmental Resources and Fish Policy and Support Division, Programs Directorate, and the NWD Commander regarding Planning Policy and NEPA compliance and documentation within the Columbia basin. This position will be filled from the Archeology, Civil Engineering, Community Planning, Ecology, Economist, Fish Biology, General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences, General Physical Science, Landscape Architecture, or Social Science job series. The duty location may be in Kansas City, Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Portland, Oregan; Seattle, Washington; or Walla Walla, Washington. Reimbursement of relocation expenses is not authorized for this position. For more information, or to apply, please see the USAJobs posting (announcement number WTHE229400821711).


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