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    The National Planning Centers of Expertise (PCXes) provide peer review, planning model certification, training, technical services, policy development support, and other services to the Planning community and the Corps. PCXes have been established for Coastal Storm Risk Management; Flood Risk Management; Inland Navigation; Deep Draft Navigation; Small Boat Harbors; Ecosystem Restoration; and Water Management and Reallocation.

    PCX Mission Statement
    The Planning Centers of Expertise enhance the Corps of Engineers' planning capability for inland navigation, deep draft navigation (including small boat harbors), ecosystem restoration, coastal and storm damage reduction, flood risk management, and water management and reallocation studies, through their focus on the technical evaluations and reviews associated with plan formulation during the preparation of decision documents. The Centers strengthen planner core competencies by assisting District Project Delivery Teams (PDTs) with technical expertise, peer reviews, model certifications, technology transfer, planner training, and providing lessons learned and best practices to the larger Planning Community of Practice.

    PCX Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Technical Services. Provide technical services to District PDTs from subject matter experts and/or at the direction of a Regional Management Board or the HQ Planning Advisory Board (PAB); accomplish costly, highly complex, and controversial studies or key analytical components of such studies for District PDTs, and multiregional or national efforts, on a reimbursable basis. Provide advice to HQUSACE, the laboratories, and other partners or stakeholders on significant regional or nationwide planning issues.

    2. Peer Review. Provide for and manage Agency Technical Review (ATR) and maintain rosters of regional technical specialists for conducting timely ATR. Function as the Review Management Organization for Independent External Peer Review (IEPR) to interface with the performing organization external to the Corps of Engineers conducting the IEPR and the District PDT.

    3. R&D. Assist in identifying Research and Development (R&D) priorities within the mission area to ensure field driven needs are identified and prioritized, and coordinate the recommendations with the PAB and the deputy, Planning Community of Practice.

    4. Training. Conduct training opportunities related to the assigned mission area to promote and maintain planning technical competency. Support the Planning Associates (PA) program through development and training of PAs along the CW business lines and specific PCX functions. Support national goals in enhancing professional and technical development, sharing knowledge, and promoting communication within the Community of Practice (CoP) and through coordination and integration of planning policies with the HQUSACE Planning CoP.

    5. Model Certification. Certify or approve for use the planning models identified in the Project Review Plans and add to the planners' tool box of certified models using the approved model certification protocol.

    6. Policy Development Support. Centers would supplement the HQUSACE staff in policy compliance review, if requested, on a reimbursable basis, on projects where the center has had no prior participation. Centers would also provide assistance with exporting policy training to the field or providing review of draft policy.

    7. Process Improvement. Develop standard processes and procedures related to their mission areas to support District execution. Support Corps-wide process improvement initiatives through their subject matter experts' participation on process improvement teams.

    8. Lessons Learned. Manage a program of sharing lessons learned through coordination with the MSC regional planning expertise centers, sponsoring workshops, technology transfer, or use of intranet resources such as SharePoint.

    More information about the PCXes:


    National Coastal and Storm Damage Risk Management Planning Center of Expertise
    In 2003, the National Coastal and Storm Damage Risk Management Planning Center of Expertise was established by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Director of Civil Works, at the North Atlantic Division. The center provides services including technical review, training, modeling and research and development support to the nation with analysis and plan formulation related to such conditions as future storm risk, sea level change, and shoreline changes.
    PCX Website

    Planning Center of Expertise Websites

  • Coastal Storm Risk Management
  • Deep Draft Navigation
  • Ecosystem Restoration  Corps Castle
  • Flood Risk Management  Corps Castle
  • Inland Navigation
  • Small Boat Harbor
  • Water Management and Reallocation

    Links and Documents for More Information

  • Planning Models
    Connect to guidance, certified models, models in review, model documentation, and the Ecosystem Restoration Model Library.
  • Review
    Connect to guidance and helpful resources on Peer Review, District Quality Control (DQC), and Agency Technical Review (ATR).
  • USACE Planning Centers of Expertise SharePoint
  • USACE Technical Excellence Network (TEN) Engineering and Construction
  • ER 1110-1-8158 Corps-Wide Centers of Expertise Program (15 April 2011)
    This regulation defines the policy and process for establishing and maintaining expert designations under the Corps-wide Centers of Expertise (CX) Program.
  • Reorganization of the Small Boat Harbor Planning Sub-Center of Expertise (SBH-PSCX)
    The purpose of this memo is to notify the Deep Draft Navigation Planning Center of Expertise (DDNPCX) of Pacific Ocean Divisions (POD) intent to reorganize day-to-day operations of the Small Boat Harbor Planning Sub-Center of Expertise (SBH-PSCX).

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