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Planning Guidance Notebook

  • Engineer Regulation 1105-2-100: Planning Guidance Notebook
      Further updates of appendices, including pre-publication updates and appendices now published as Engineer Pamphlets, are located below.

  • Appendix A, References
      This appendix provides the references for Engineer Regulation 1105-2-100: Planning Guidance Notebook

  • Appendix C, Environmental Evaluation and Compliance
      This appendix addresses the integration of environmental evaluation and compliance requirements, pursuant to national environmental statutes, applicable executive orders, and other Federal planning requirements, into the planning of Civil Works water and related land resources comprehensive plans and implementation projects. This guidance is applicable to all Civil Works water resources planning studies, including Feasibility studies conducted under the General Investigation business line, those studies conducted under the Continuing Authorities Program (CAP), and studies that require a decision document that are conducted during PED, construction, or operations, such as post authorization change reports. Please note: this is the pre-publication version of the document and will be updated once final approval is received.

  • Appendix D - Economic and Social Considerations
      This appendix covers economic and social considerations not addressed elsewhere in the Planning Guidance Notebook. Guidance for estimating NED benefits is provided in Appendix E, Civil Works Missions and Evaluation Procedures, where the evaluation procedure for each project type is presented in its mission context. Some aspects of economic evaluation, and of planning generally, are common to every mission; those aspects are covered in this appendix. Please note: this is the pre-publication version of the document and will be updated once final approval is received.

  • Appendix E, Civil Works Mission and Evaluation Procedures
      This appendix provides policy and planning guidance for project purposes of navigation, flood damage reduction, hurricane and storm damage reduction (shore protection), ecosystem restoration, hydroelectric power, recreation, water supply and multiple purpose projects.

  • Appendix G - Amendment #1, Planning Reports and Programs
      This appendix provides guidance and procedures for the management and conduct of planning studies, activities, and programs.

  • Appendix H - Amendment #1, Policy Compliance Review and Approval of Decision Documents
      This appendix prescribes policy compliance review and approval procedures for the following decision documents: section 905(b) analyses, feasibility reports, limited and general reevaluation reports, post-authorization change reports, and other reports supporting project authorization or budget decisions.
      Note: Exhibit H-11, Model Report Summary has been updated and replaced by the November 2021 Feasibility Report Summary Format and Content Guide. Planners are required to use the format specified in the Feasibility Report Summary Format and Content Guide.

  • EP 1105-2-57: Planning Stakeholder Engagement, Collaboration and Coordination (formerly Appendix B of the PGN)
      This pamphlet explains the benefits of, and requirements for, stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and coordination in Civil Works planning studies. These activities are critical to study success because they may foster trust and credibility between USACE and the communities we serve; increase collective understanding of problems; reduce controversy and litigation risks; and improve the quality and execution of our decisions. Note: This EP replaces the existing Appendix B of the Planning Guidance Notebook.

  • EP 1105-2-58: Continuing Authorities Program (formerly Appendix F of the PGN)
      This appendix provides the policy and procedural guidance for planning, design, and implementation of projects pursued under the legislative and administrative provisions of the Continuing Authorities Program (CAP). Note: This EP replaces the existing Appendix F of the Planning Guidance Notebook.


    • Planning Guidance Notebook Updates (23 May)
      This webinar provided an overview of recent and future policy updates with a focus on updates to the Planning Guidance Notebook and its appendices, as well as guidance on watershed studies and working with Tribes. The webinar was presented by personnel from the Planning & Policy Division at Headquarters, including Amy Frantz (Senior Policy Advisor), Nancy Brighton (Cultural Resources Sub-CoP Lead and Deputy Federal Preservation Officer), and Jeff Strahan (Office of Water Project Review economist).

    • Social Vulnerability: Overview and Analysis (3 November)
      Ms. Susan Durden and Dr. Seth Cohen, both with the Institute for Water Resources, provided a review of the "Other Social Effects" account and described socially vulnerable populations and factors that make them vulnerable during an flood or storm event. Dr. Cohen provided an overview of the IWR primer on social vulnerability entitled "Identification and Engagement of Socially Vulnerable Populations in the USACE Decision Making Process." Ms. Durden shared information on the Social Vulnerability Index Explorer (SOVI-X), a tool that performs social vulnerability analyses of populations at risk under with and without project conditions.