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Water Resource Development Acts and other Key Laws

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  • WRDA 2020 Section 160: Definition of Economically Disadvantaged Communities Implementation Guidance Overview (4 May)
    In the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2020, the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works) was directed to define “economically disadvantaged community” for the purposes of applying several other WRDA provisions – including ability to pay, pilot programs, etc. Ms. Amy Frantz, HQUSACE Senior Policy Advisor, provided an overview of the published definition of “economically disadvantaged community” and highlighted the provisions in WRDA 2020 and WRDA 2022 that reference the term.

  • Report to Congress on Future Water Resources Development (7001 Report) (29 July)
    This webinar provided an overview of the annual Report to Congress on Future Water Resources Development, also known as the 7001 Report. The presentation covered requirements established in Section 7001 of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act of 2014 (as amended), with an emphasis on the proposal evaluation process. Presenter Karla Roberts (Southwestern Division Regional Integration Team) discussed the annual process in detail, including the acceptance of non-Federal proposals, District, Division, and Headquarters evaluation of proposals, and the development of the Report to Congress.

  • Recent Environmental Streamlining and Risk-Informed Decision Making (One Federal Decision) (1 November)
    Ms. Lauren Diaz (HQ OWPR), with the support of the other environmental reviewers within the Office of Water Project Review (Mr. Mark Matusiak, Ms. Evie Haberer, Mr. Jeff Trulick, and Ms. Julie Alcon), provided an overview of recent initiatives focused on timely environmental compliance, including Executive Order 13807 on "One Federal Decision" and Section 1005 of WRRDA 2014. The webinar tied these initiatives together in the context of risk-informed decision making within the environmental discipline, so that environmental compliance can be conducted in a timely manner and fully integrated into a 3x3 compliant study.

  • WRDA 2016 Section 1184: Consideration Of Measures (7 December)
    Implementation Guidance for WRDA 2016 Section 1184 was recently completed. This provision defines natural and nature-based features and requires USACE to consider these features and measures, as appropriate, when conducting feasibility studies for flood risk management, hurricane storm damage reduction, and ecosystem restoration.

  • Preparing and Submitting Proposals for the Annual Report to Congress on Future Water Resources Development (WRRDA Section 7001) (28 April)
    Lisa Kiefel provides an overview for non-Federal interests for preparing and submitting proposals for the Report to Congress on Future Water Resources Development. Additional information on the Report to Congress is available on the HQ website, sions/CivilWorks/ProjectPlanning/WRRDA7001Proposals.aspx

  • WRRDA Overview Section 7001: Annual Report to Congress (4 December)
    An overview of recently signed Implementation Guidance for WRRDA Section 7001, which creates a new Annual Report to Congress listing studies and projects for consideration for Congressional authorization.

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