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Planning Guidance: Planning Bulletins

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Planning Bulletins

  • Planning Bulletin 2012-01: Planning and Policy Bulletins Template (2012)
    Information regarding the introduction of Planning Bulletins as a means of providing timely guidance and information to USACE Planners. This bulletin also provides information on the structure and applicability of future bulletins.
  • Planning Bulletin 2012-02: Planning SMART Guide (2012)
    This bulletin introduces the SMART Planning Guide and associated Planning Transformation efforts. Reissued 4 March 2014 to update the SMART feasibility process milestones to reflect inclusion of the Civil Works Review Board.
  • Planning Bulletin 2013-01: Dam Safety Considerations for Water Supply Storage Allocation and Reallocation Studies (2013)
    This bulletin supplements the requirements of the Planning Guidance Notebook regarding the consideration of dam safety during water supply storage allocation and reallocation studies.
  • Planning Bulletin 2013-02: Assessing Quality of Planning Models (EC 1105-2-412) (2013)
    Guidance for assuring the quality of Planning models contained in EC 1105-2-412 (expiration March 31, 2013) remains in effect per this Planning Bulletin until permanent Planning models guidance is issued as an Engineering Regulation.
  • Planning Bulletin 2014-01: Application and compliance of SMART Planning and the 3x3x3 Rule (2014)
    This bulletin clarifies the current study categories in the active Planning Portfolio. All studies that are not specifically listed in this Planning Bulletin as a Legacy Study is a SMART study. This bulletin applies to all planning studies – not just feasibility studies.
  • Planning Bulletin 2014-02: SMART Planning in the Reconnaissance Phase (2014)
    This bulletin provides updated guidance on the format and content of the Reconnaissance Report and implementation guidance for reconnaissance studies reflecting the incorporation of risk-based decision making principles. This guidance is only applicable to FY14 new start reconnaissance studies. The Planning Bulletin also includes a Section 905(b) Analysis Template for reconnaissance studies that began before 10 June 2014.
  • Planning Bulletin 2015-02: Single Phase Planning Studies (2015)
    This bulletin provides additional guidance on the planning studies that must be conducted in a single phase, without a separate Federally funded reconnaissance or initial assessment phase.
  • Planning Bulletin 2016-01:Clarification of Existing Policy for USACE Participation in Nonstructural Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Measures (2016)
    This bulletin clarifies existing nonstructural policy for flood risk management and coastal storm damage reduction studies. Please note, this bulletin does not add new plan formulation or evaluation requirements to those already in policy and guidance. The bulletin includes definitions for nonstructural measures, hazards, exposure and vulnerability – each intended to help further clarify the existing definition of "nonstructural” in the Planning Guidance Notebook, as well as special considerations for nonstructural measures and plans.
  • Planning Bulletin 2018-01(S) Feasibility Study Milestones Supplemental Guidance (2018)
    This bulletin supplements Planning Bulletin 2018-01: Feasibility Study Milestones. This guidance applies to all feasibility studies where the USACE planning decision document could lead to a recommendation for project authorization or modification to a project authorization, including general re-evaluation studies, post authorization change reports, and other reports supporting project authorization or budget decisions that results in a Chief's Report or Director’s Report.
  • Planning Bulletin 2018-01: Feasibility Study Milestones (2018)
    The purpose of this Planning Bulletin is to clarify the decisions and processes associated with feasibility study milestones. This bulletin was developed to assist teams in development of the feasibility study products and clarify processes and procedures to reach each of the decision milestones. This bulletin also defines the decision-making delegation for each milestone. Please see PB 2018-01-S for clarification. This bulletin supersedes Planning Bulletin 2017-01: Feasibility Study Milestones and also supersedes specific sections of ER 1105-2-100 (Planning Guidance Notebook) that reference feasibility study milestones, including: Appendix G (30 June 2004) exhibits G-3, G-4, G-5, Appendix H (20 November 2007) section H-4 (discussion of Feasibility Scoping Meeting and Alternative Formulation Briefing), and Appendix H exhibits H-3, H-4, H-5, and H-7.
  • Planning Bulletin 2018-02: Exemption Procedures for Planning Studies Exceeding Cost and Schedule Limits (2018)
    The purpose of this planning bulletin is to clarify procedures associated with study cost and schedule exemptions from the "3x3x3 rule” as defined in Section 1001 of WRRDA 2014 (33 U.S. Code §2282c), which provides that, to the extent practicable, final feasibility reports and studies will be completed in three years and will have a maximum Federal cost of $3 million. As a matter of USACE policy and program management, the USACE will continue to follow the “3x3x3 rule” established prior to the enactment of WRRDA 2014, which limits the study duration to three years and the total study cost. This bulletin supersedes and rescinds the following Planning Bulletins: PB 2015-01: Vertical Team Alignment in Study Scoping and PB 2012-04: 3x3x3 Rule Exemption Process.
  • Planning Bulletin 2019-02: Incorporation of External Reports in to Studies and Decision Documents (2019)
    The purpose of this Planning Bulleting is to provide guidance on the use of data, information, and reports produced by groups outside of USACE (including project partners, other federal, state, and local governments, academia, and non-governmental organization) in studies and decision documents. This guidance is intended to reinforce the existing approach of considering benefits, costs, and impacts across the four accounts (national economic development (NED), regional economic development (RED), environmental quality, and other social effects (OSE)) to inform decision-makers throughout the government, non-governmental organizations, and the public.
  • Planning Bulletin 2019-03: Further Clarification of Existing Policy for USACE Participation in Nonstructural Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Risk Management Measures (2019)
    The purpose of this planning bulletin is to provide further clarification on policy with respect to evaluation of nonstructural measures. This bulletin supplements Planning Bulletin 2016-01, Clarification of Existing Policy for USACE Participation in Nonstructural Flood Risk Management and Coastal Storm Risk, which is still in effect.
  • Planning Bulletin 2019-04: Incorporating Life Safety into Flood and Coastal Storm Risk Management Studies (2019)
    This Planning Bulletin provides information on the use of life safety in the planning process. Risks to human life are a fundamental component of all facets of flood and coastal storm risk management and must receive explicit consideration throughout the planning process. The bulletin augments, but does not supersede, the procedures in Engineer Regulation 1105-2-100, Planning Guidance Notebook and Engineer Regulation 1105-2-101, Risk Assessment for Flood Risk Management Studies. This document applies to all flood and coastal storm risk management feasibility studies, including those conducted under the Continuing Authorities Program and studies conducted by non-federal interests under Section 203 of WRDA 1986, as amended. Note: the POC for the Dam and Levee Senior Oversight Groups is Brad Arcement, MVK.