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Planning Ahead

2001: Volume 4

  • Issue 1 (February)
    Memorandum of Understanding with The Nature Conservancy; New Waterborne Commerce Origin- Destination Database; "The U.S. Waterways System Transportation Facts for 2000"; Top 20 Inland U.S. Ports for 1999;

  • Issue 2 (March-April)
    Maass and White Praised at Dedication of Reference Room; Planner Corps Curriculum Moves Toward FY02 Start; Credit and Reimbursement for Sponsor Performed Work; Interagency International Water Group; Certified Manager Floodplain Program.

  • Issue 3 (May)
    WRDA 2000 Chief of Engineers Reports; Waterborne Transportation Lines of the United States; National Ferry Database; The Once and Future CWAP; Update on the National Watershed Forum; Duwamish Green Ecosystem Restoration Project; American Heritage Rivers Update.

  • Issue 4 (June)
    Mission Planning and Development Update; Chief of Engineers Environmental Advisory Board Update; Measuring the Transportation Contributions of U.S. Waterways; National Transportation Statistics 2000; Hurricane Fran; New Tools to Assist Civil Works Planning; Whither the Coastal American Partnership?; Information Needed About Alternative to Riprap and Structural Erosion Control.

  • Issue 5 (August)
    Planning Corps Curriculum Taking Shape; Inland Waterways Users Board; DynaMap 2000 Database Acquired; HQUSACE Hosts Tribal Issue Workshop; Contaminated Sediment Management- An Emerging Challenge for the Corps Planning Program; Sacramento District and Others Support the 2002 Olympics; Credit and Reimbursement for Sponsor Performed Work.

  • Issue 6 (November)
    2001 Volume 7 NDC Publications and U.S. Waterway Data CD; New Cape Canal Cod Canal Web Page; Planning and Policy Division Launches Tribal Newsletter; Training Courses with US Fish and Wildlife Service.