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Planning Ahead

2008: Volume 11

  • Issue 1 (January)
    Report on Temporary Detail to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works); Successful Completion of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation Project.

  • Issue 2 (February)
    Programmatic Essential Fish Habitat Assessment Finalized for Nine Federal Navigation Projects in New England; Katrina Lessons Create New Course for University.

  • Issue 3 (March)
    The Planning Associates Do Deep Draft.

  • Issue 4 (April)
    Planning Cop Conference Agenda Announced: Registration Continues; Registration for Pre-Conference Workshops closes April 18; Announcement of Developmental Assignment at Office of ASA(CW); Engineer Update Begins Series of Articles on Actions for Change; Planners Association DC Experience; Using IWR-GeoFIT for a Structure Inventory Update in Texas; Corps Teams up with FEMA to Derive Nonresidential Damage Functions; Perspective from Planners.

  • Issue 5 (May)
    Engineer Manual 1110-2-1304 "Civil Works Construction Cost Index System" Appendix Updated as of 31 Mar. 2008; Hydropower, Water Supply, Recreation, and Endangered Species Module.

  • Issue 6 (June)
    Developing Sound Water Resources Solutions; List Server List Created for Corps Planning Community Practice; The Planning Associates Learn About Flood Risk Management and Watersheds.

  • Issue 7 (July)
    Army Corps of Engineers- A Cash Cow for Dairy Farmers and the Environment; Gulf Coast Hurricane Preparedness, Response, Recovery, and Rebuilding.

  • Issue 8 (August)
    Draft Version of National Economic Development Manual for Deep Draft Navigation Now Available for Review; Planning Associates Class of 2008- Inland Navigation and Ecosystem Restoration Modules.

  • Issue 9 (September)
    Watershed Planning Pilot Studies Completed- Presentations Available on the Web; Update on USACE Planning Guidance; PIANCE Establishes Two New Working Groups; IWR Staff Member Co-Edits New Book on Managing and Transforming Water Conflict.

  • Issue 10 (October)
    Economic Guidance for Fiscal Year 2009; Recruitment Announcement for Director of Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center; The 2008 Planning Associates Critical Thinking Piece Presentations and Awards Ceremony.

  • Issue 11 (November)
    An Update on the Activities of the Civil Works Review Board; The Use of Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) Network in Ecosystem Planning, Restoration, and Management Efforts; Economic Guidance for Fiscal Year 2009- Release of EMG 09-03 "Unit Day Values for Recreation FY2009"; Spatial Data Standards, for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment; Corps Establishes New Center of Expertise on Conflict Resolution and Public Participation at the Institute for Water Resources.

  • Issue 12 (December)
    Army Corps of Engineers Helps Open Possibilities on Davis Island.