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Planning Ahead

2002: Volume 5

  • Issue 1 (February)
    Calendar Year 2002 PIERS Data; Calendar Year 2000 Waterborne Commerce Statistics; Questionnaires Submitted for Triennial Generic OMB Approval: A Blackout Period is Expected in April and May; EPA Wetlands Photo Contest; DOT Website Transportation Contest; Comprehensive Water Supply Study; Contaminated Sediment Management- An Emerging Challenge for the Corps Planning Program.

  • Issue 2 (March)
    Latest Navigation News- Unsinkable Towboat; The U.S. Waterways System- Transportation Facts; Estuary Restoration Act of 2000; Environmental Advisory Board; Tribal Partnership Program Report; National Flood Proofing Committee- Your Nonstructural Expert.

  • Issue 3 (April)
    Vacancy Announcements; New HQ Staffer; Update on Status of OMB Approval for Public Surveys; HQ Development Assignment is "Incredible Opportunity"; Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP); Masters Degree Program Taking Shape; FY02 Prospect Courses; The Ecosystem Functions Model: A Tool for Restoration Planning; National Association of Flood Plain Managers Make Bold Proposal; Instructions for Contributors to Planning Ahead; Subscribing to Planning Ahead; Submission Deadline.

  • Issue 4 (May)
    2001 Planning Excellence Award and Outstanding Achievement Award; Developing Improved Waterway Performance Measures; Trade-Off Analysis Planning and Procedures Guidebook; Top 20 Inland U.S. Ports for 2000.

  • Issue 4 (Special Edition May)
    Economical and Environmental Analysis Conference 2002.

  • Issue 5 (June)
    Jacksonville and the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution; Everglades Restoration Program Gets Organized Support.

  • Issue 6 (July-August)
    Economic and Environmental Analysis Conference 2002- Balancing Economy and Environment; memorandum of Understanding with Ducks Unlimited; Updated Environmental Desk Reference.

  • Issue 7 (September)
    Johns Hopkins' Maters Program for Water Resource Development; Upper Mississippi River Illinois Waterway System Navigation Feasibility Study; Draft Civil Works Strategic Plan; Update on Estuary Act of 2000; The Year of Clean Water; Heinz Center Report on the State of the Nation's Ecosystem; Harbor Simulation Model for Deep Draft Navigation Improvements; Risk Analysis Application Ecosystem Restoration Costs; Napa River Fisheries Monitoring Program; WSCS Correcting CY2000 Published Crude Oil Statistics; Transportation Research Board Features Inland Waterways.

  • Issue 8 (October)
    Finding the Correct Authority; Natural Resources Management Gateway; National Water Monitoring Day Celebrated Along Indian Creek; Regional Sediment Management- Policy Study Report Available; Homeland Security Activates; Preliminary Waterborne Commerce Statistics for 2001; Ports of Baton Rouge and Lake Charles, LA Port Series Updated; Performing Cost Effectiveness and Incremental Cost Analyses on Multiple Ecosystem Outputs.

  • Issue 9 (November-December)
    The Corps Stands for Value to the Nation; Beyond Expected Value; Updated Port Series Reports; Year of Clean Water Updates- National Water Quality Monitoring Day Events; Corporate Wetlands Restoration Partnership Expands to California; FY2003 Prospect Courses; NAD Economics Workshop; NWD Forms Regional Economic Technical Board; Maritime Trade and Transportation '02; Norfolk District Experiments on Chesapeake Bay Oyster Restoration.