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Planning Ahead

2005: Volume 8

  • Issue 1 (January)
    NRC Report; IWR- Plan 2005 Release; LRD Environmental CoP Conducts VTC on NEPA Compliance Documentation; Preparation, Planning, and Technical Analysis- The Shared Vision Planning Approach; National Ecosystem Center of Expertise.

  • Issue 2 (February)
    Racehorse Farm Makes Stride to Protect NYC Water; Seahurts Park Seawall Goes Down; Water Supply Database 2004 Survey; Report on the Contribution of Tributaries to the Traffic on Mainstem Waterways.

  • Issue 3 (March)
    New Jersey Community Pines for Beach Erosion; Partnership Agreement Between Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; National Flood Policy in the Decade After the Great Midwest Flood; GIS Application and Planning.

  • Issue 4 (April)
    Wetland Delineation Prepared for Fort Detrick; Corps on Top of the World Supporting Arctic Mission; NAD Chiefs of Planning and Policy Meet; Cultural Resources; Planning Centers of Expertise; Planning Leaders' Corner, Planning Technical Specialist, Planning Associates Update, Planning Web Ahead, Planning CoP Calendar.

  • Issue 5 (May)
    Regional Technical Specialist Issues; Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) Online; Taxation of Corps of Engineers Nonstructural Project Benefits by the Internal Revenue Service.

  • Issue 6 (June)
    After Action Report- Unalaska Navigation Improvements Feasibility Study; Accuracy of Waterborne Commerce Tonnage Statistics for Shallow-Draft, Internal Vessel Operations; Robyn Colosimo- Chief of the Office of Water Project Review.

  • Issue 7 (July)
    Corps Fish Study Nets Useful Data

  • Issue 8 (August)
    New ECs and Related Material Posted on the Web; Ability to Pay Survey; How Archeology Can Reveal Some Fundamental Truths About Us.

  • Issue 9 (September)
    Limitations of and Recommendations for Project Teams in Planning; Planners in Iraq; A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lives.

  • Issue 10 (October-November)
    Advisory Council to Revise Policy on Treatment of Human Remains and Grave Goods; Executive Order on Real Property Will Create New Alliance; Corps Archeologist a Finalist in the Prestigious "Service to America" Competition; Economic Guidance For Fiscal Year 2006.

  • Issue 11 (December)
    PI Models Improvement Program (PMIP) and Model Certification: Are We There Yet?; OMB Reviewing Civil Works Public Survey Package; Dealing with Externalities (Non-Standard Benefits) in Navigation Projects; Estuary Habitat Restoration Program; Environmental Awareness is for the Birds... And Everyone Else; Historic Spawning Areas Open to Fish on the Batsto River After 100 Years.