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Planning Ahead

2003: Volume 6

  • Issue 1 (January)
    Planning Assistance to Districts for NED- NER Tradeoff Analysis; Lessons Learned from Cost Effectiveness and Incremental Cost Analyses; The Water Resources Planning Masters Program- A Follow Up; GAO Audit Lessons Learned; USACE Shares in Historic Preservation Award; Corrections to CY2000 Published Crude Oil Import Statistics; Calendar Year 2001 Waterborne Commerce Statistics; The U.S. Waterways System- Transportation Facts.

  • Issue 2 (February)
    New Watershed Planning Report; Planning References CD; Census Data.

  • Issue 3 (March)
    Interim Economics and Environmental Chief Appointed; Tribal Liaison Position in Civil Works; ASFPM Corps Relationships; New OMB Approved Surveys are Available on IWR Website; Bridge Back Home "In Its Dotage".

  • Issue 4 (April)
    Introduction; Note from Director of Civil Works; Corps Planning Will Benefit from Johnson's Legacy; Planner Training; Planning Leadership Development; Planning Centers of Expertise; Quality Assurance and Quality Control; Delegation of Authority; Planning Model Improvement; Environmental Benefit Evaluation Procedures; Environmentally Sustainable Project Formulation; Office of Water Project Review; Jim's Final Note; Subscribing to Planning Ahead; Submissions Deadline.

  • Issue 5 (May)
    The Water Resources Planning Master's Program- On Line Classes; A Place for All Season, Barber Pool Conservation Area- Master Plan Successfully Completed; Nonstructural Assistance Provided; Texas Water Allocation Assessment- Review of Corps Water Supply Authorities, Policies and Related Land Resources Issues.

  • Issue 6 (June-July)
    Updated Post Series Reports; Planning Models Improvement Task Force Update; Economic and Environmental Conference 2004; Policy Guidance Letter Number 47 Workshop.

  • Issue 7 (August)
    The Corps of Engineers and Shore Protection: History, Projects, Costs; Economic Evaluation of Small Boat Harbors; National Security Considerations for Planning, Designing, Construction, and O&M of Harbor and Inland Harbor Projects; National Research Council to Conduct Review of the Corps Restructured Upper Mississippi River Study; Learn Principals of Habitat Evaluation; Revitalization of Corps of Engineers Projects.

  • Issue 8 (September)
    Economic and Environmental Analysis Conference 2004- "Towards Integrated Water Resources Management"; The Planner's Core Curriculum- A Graduate's Perspective; "Dam Removal Research: Status and Prospects"; American Indian Cultural Communication Course; Brighter Future for Former GE Facility Turned Superfund Site as Corps Assists EPA in Clean Up; The TopoZone; Economic Principles for Sound Water Planning; National Transportation Atlas Database 2003.

  • Issue 9 (October)
    New Federal Discount Rate- 5-5/8 Percent; Rule for Sponsor's Feasibility Study Cost Share Payments Timing to be Relaxed; The Nature Conservancy- Partnering Session; Flood Proofing Information Wanted; Active Water Supply Map; Generic Depth-Damage Functions are now Available for Residential Structures with Basements.

  • Issue 10 (November-December)
    Economic and Environmental Analysis Conference 2004 Update; Water Supply Workshop; Corps Get Good Press.