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Planning Ahead

2009: Volume 12

  • Issue 1 (January)
    Learning, Teaching, and Networking- The Journey Begins; PIANC USA Hosted "Gulf Coast Hurricane Conference".

  • Issue 2 (February)
    Building Stronger Collaborative Relationships for a Sustainable Water Resources Future; Federal Agencies Release Interagency Report on Climate Change and Water Resources; Susquehanna River Basin Commission Implements Comprehensive Plan- Federal Agencies Offer Feedback and Support During Coordination Summit; Ecosystem Restoration Center of Expertise and ERDC Team Up to Create Ecosystem Restoration Webinar Series; IWR White Paper on the Implications of the Expansion of the Panama Canal.

  • Issue 3 (March)
    USACE Establishes a Dam Safety Risk Management at IWR; Estimating the Employment Impacts of Corps of Engineers Activities Associated with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act; IWR Develops Collaborative Toolkit.

  • Issue 4 (April)
    Sacramento District Assembles Panel of Experts to Estimate Flood-Related Emergency Costs; The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA): Understanding and Establishing Cultural Affiliation as a Critical Component in the Compliance Process; Planning Associates Class of 2009- Deep Draft Navigation Training Module; Call for Papers- 4th International Congress of Smart Rivers '21 "The Future of Inland Navigation".

  • Issue 5 (May)
    Publication of ETL 1110-2-571 Guidelines for Landscape Planting and Vegetation management at Levees, Floodwalls, Embankment Dams, and Appurtenant Structures; Draft NED Deep Draft Navigation Manual Available for Review.

  • Issue 6 (June)
    Coastal and Storm Damage Reduction Planning Center of Expertise Has Eye on New Orleans Safety During Hurricane Season 2009; Delaware Bay Oyster Revitalization; Inland Navigation and Coastal Storm Damage Reduction Training Modules.

  • Issue 7 (July)
    USACE Headquarters Release New Economic Guidance Memorandum; The Planning Associates Class of 2009- Flood Risk Management Module Training.

  • Issue 8 (September)
    What's Economics Got to do With the Corps? College Economics to Corps Economics; Ecosystem Restoration Module; Strategic Think Piece Practicum and Small Boat Harbor and Intergovernmental Coordination Course.

  • Issue 9 (October)
    Ecosystem Webinar Results in Shared Learning; Philadelphia District Completes Construction of its Third Fishway; Planning Associates Class of 2009 Visit the Northwestern Division to Learn About Hydropower, Water Supply, Endangered Species Act, Recreation, Cultural Resources and Tribal Affairs.

  • Issue 10 (November)
    Economic Guidance for Fiscal Year 2010; ERDC Convenes Workshop at Outset of Retrospective Evaluation of USACE Ecosystem Restoration Projects; Engineering and Research Development Center Publication ERDC RN EMRRP-EBA-03 "Reducing Spreadsheet Errors"; New York District partners with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Develop GIS Based Website to Monitor Threatened and Endangered Shore Species; Partnership with the Nature Conservancy Grows in the South Pacific Division; Baltimore District Leads Collaborative Efforts in Anacostia Watershed Restoration Plan.

  • Issue 11 (December)
    Ecosystem Restoration Database Development Progressing; Vision Unveiled for "Mosaic of Habitats" in the New York-New Jersey Estuary; The Planning Class of 2010 Journey Begins: "Exploring New Solutions".