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Planning Ahead

2007: Volume 10

  • Issue 1 (January)
    National Flood Risk Policy Summit; Role of Economist in Ecosystem Restoration Studies; Virgin River and Tributaries; Economic Guidance for Unit Day Value of Recreation and ATP; A Development Assignment Experience at IWR.

  • Issue 2 (March)
    AWRA's Third National Water Resources Policy Dialogue; Congress Returns to Session; Updated Questionnaires on IWR Website; 2008 De Paepe-Williams Award Contest.

  • Issue 3 (April)
    Planning Associates DC Experience; Challenges Planners Face, Baltimore District Planning Division Environmental Stewardship Team, Regional Economic Development Analysis: Economic Impacts of Recreation at Corps Lakes; Baltimore District Planning Division Environmental Stewardship Team; Policy Guidance on Authorization and Budget Evaluation Criteria for Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Projects; Collaborative Planning Survey.

  • Issue 4 (May)
    Partnership, Collaborative Planning Effort Works to Improve Natural Resource Planning in the Middle Mississippi River Watershed; Corps Achieves Major Milestone at Superfund Site.

  • Issue 5 (June)
    New York District Ecosystem Restoration Activities; Reflections on Deep Draft and Inland Navigation; Do Ecosystem Benefits Need to be Annualized?

  • Issue 6 (July)
    Coastal Storm Damage Reduction and Ecosystem Restoration; Learn Six Sigma- Another Step Forward in Streamlining the Civil Works Project Cooperation; Climate Change and Water Resources; How do Flood Benefits Relate to Insurance?

  • Issue 7 (August)
    Planning Associates Update: Hydropower, Water Supply, Endangered Species Act, Recreation, and Flood Damage Reduction; The National Center of Expertise for Inland Navigation.

  • Issue 8 (September)
    Brining Other Social Effects Account Back into the Planning Process; USACE Partnering in the Western States Watershed Study; Cost Templates for Threatened and Endangered Species Expenditures.

  • Issue 9 (October)
    Improving the Accuracy of Planning Cost Estimates; Planning Capabilities Report; IWR-GeoFIT Available.

  • Issue 10 (November)
    Federal Interest Rates; Great Lakes Environment CoP VTC; IWR GeoFIT Workshop; Risk Analysis- An Overview; Warfare and the Social Scientist; IWR Staff at International and Regional Water Conferences.

  • Issue 11 (December)
    Great Lakes Habitat Initiative; Corps Leads Multi-Agency Effort to Reestablish Mussels; 2008 Planning Association Begin Year Long Journey; U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1308 "Water Budget: Foundations for Effective Water Resources and Environmental Management"; Collaboration In NEPA: A Handbook for NEPA Practitioners.