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Planning Ahead

2004: Volume 7

  • Issue 1 (January)
    OMB Approved Survey Questions and Submittal Requirements are Available on IWR Website; Planning Models Improvement Program- Model Survey; Agriculture and Inland Waterways Transportation- Research of Note.

  • Issue 2 (February)
    Economist and Social Scientist Directory; Nonstructural Flood Damage Reduction Projects Update; WOTS Workshop on Water Resource Management- A System Wide Approach to Integrating Watersheds and Reservoir Systems.

  • Issue 3 (March)
    Economics and Environment Conference 2004 "Toward Integrated Water Resources Management"; Hydropower Analysis Center Assists Corps Offices with Hydropower Planning; Request for OMB Approval of Public Survey; WOTS Workshop on Restoration of Riparian Zones for Water Quality and Ecological Functions.

  • Issue 4 (April)
    Economists'/Social Scientists Directory; Economic and Environmental Analysis Conference 2004:"Toward Integrated Water Resources Management"; Great Lakes and Ohio River Division Environmental Community of Practice has Video Teleconference Kick Off; Instructions for Contributors to Planning Ahead; Subscribing to Planning Ahead; Submission Deadline.

  • Issue 5 (May-June)
    Corps Restores Lady Liberty's Image; Revised Appendix D 1105-2-100 Economic and Social Considerations.

  • Issue 6 (July)
    Corps Completes Inventory of Nonstructural Flood Reduction Projects; Updated Economist/ Social Scientist Directory Available- Comparison with 1991 Shows Huge Drop Off in Number.

  • Issue 7 (August)
    Planning Guidance Appendix G Revision Completed.

  • Issue 8 (October)
    Top 20 U.S. Ports for 2003; Initial Report Prepared for Executive Order 13287 "Preserve America"; The Meaning of the Word is Returns in and Entirely New Context; Benefits of an HQ Development Assignment; Update on the Water Resource Development Act 2004.

  • Issue 9 (December)
    Monthly Tonnage Indicator for Internal U.S. Waterways Shows a Near Record High; Waterborne Commerce and Container Statistics for 2003; CEFIT Has Been Released and Residential Flood Damage Analysis Just Got a Lot Easier; Minimizing Time and Costs for Freshwater Mussel Studies; Lessons Learned by the National Technical Review Committee for the Louisiana Coastal Area Study; FEMA's Multi-Year Flood Hazard Identification Plan (MHIP); Preservation Matters- Notes on the Management of the Cultural Environment; The Corps of Engineers National Nonstructural/ Flood Proofing Committee;